Site Maintenance And Testing

Maitenance and testing

Testing is our Backbone

we started as a Testing organization at very beginning. Now we are experts in it and now we are taking forward it with full advantage of modern web technologies. Most admired factor is we keep your site up-to-date and working in prime condition and adding many dynamic maintenance steps to your calendar, typically every three to six months we offer it and if you need make it in daily basis for social networking like apps and other.

Focused On Contents

Pulsate your content dynamically, manage and modify at real time and allows you to stay connected always without any flaws in site, even we offer some techniques from which you can manage your private information and publish it in the same way. We offer security commands over your weaker links and warn you before any breach/hack occur.

Focused on contents
Like warfield testing

Testing Is Like War Field

We are like warriors. We formulate all the ways to detect bugs that unboots your site then fix it like "Change, Measure, Change Again" without any loss of performance and flawless. This testing goes beyond initial testing when the blog or website is launched. It needs to be an ongoing maintenance task.

Commitment To You

Here we test everything for you from Static HTML site test to dynamic pages like Blog's. Beside that numerously we go for browser and device compatibility checks, user interface checks and many more logically. We always set up a test area in your web space on which you can update your error logs which rarely exist, and you can also provide your suggestion then we act immediately on your comments.